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About AristenFX

Edit game FX without code


Welcome to our company page. If you’ve made it this far, it means you probably want to know a bit more history about us and our products. Here goes…

FxStudio was created in 2007 with a pretty simple idea: that game artists shouldn’t have to compose game FX with code. 

We came to that conclusion after having worked on numerous games in genres ranging from MMOs to first person shooters to real time strategy games, including Blood, Tron 2.0, AvP 2, MxO, The Agency, and many others.

What began as a project quickly morphed into a product: FxStudio. Through it all, we never lost sight of that initial idea – that developing any type of game FX shouldn’t be rocket science.

Today, FxStudio is in use in dozens of game projects around the world. We have offices in California and Texas, and are staffed by people who make games, or who have been in the game development industry for years. We know what you are going through because we've been there ourselves.

If you have more questions about FxStudio or us, feel free to email us. We are happy to help in any way we can.

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